home of the one and only Tuka Tuka weekend




From 8:30 pm on the Friday night you are welcome at De Buitenjan. During the weekend we have the exclusive use of many spaces. There are several living rooms where you can chill and talk  and we have a hall where we will have our party nights (think music, dance, drinks and lots of craic). The hall is located directed next to the monastery and connected to it with a corridor. The first party is on Friday night. So as soon as you have settled in you can come over for a drink.

The workshops are on Saturday and Sunday in the mornings and afternoons. You will have about 8 hours of class in total. Your workshops will be given by the same teacher both days. That way we can really get into the matter and the rhythms or dances will stick properly. We have coffee and tea in between and meals are served three times a day on Saturday and two times on Sunday. All of this, as are the drinks at night, are included in the weekend price.

Wanna go for a walk? Not a problem. The accommodation is located in the woods with loads of lovely walking opportunities. 


The participants:
No experience is required to participate in the Tuka Tuka Weekend. We have a djembe group for every level. One for beginners and slightly advanced, one for advanced and one for far advanced musicians. 

Level and experience:
Please give us an accurate description of your level and experience wherever requested on the registration form so we can place you in the right group.

Levels in the workshops:
During the Afropop and doundoun dance workshops all levels are in the same group. Differences in experience will be countered by inserting varying challenges.

Please note that instruments are not included in any of the workshops, but can be rented. In some workshops renting instruments is even obligatory. More information on the Practical info page.