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Serge Badoué

Serge Badoué was born in Cote d’Ivoire, where he is recognised as a great dance talent from an early age. He studies at the prestigious Centre de la Danse in Abidjan. He has dansed in several groups, ranging from very traditional to modern, which has moulded him into an extraordinarily versatile teacher and dancer.

In his dances and choreographies Serge bridges traditional African dance, modern dance and Afro Jazz dance. In 2003 he starts his own group, called TaM TaM IvoirE and BEN-KO. Through the years he also wrote choreographies for several dance groups.

Serge takes you to the real West-Africa. After a warming-up you will learn a complete choreography. Every country and every ethnical group within these countries have their dance idiom and rhythms. As Serge’s student you will get to know them in depth. As a result you will come to understand each dance better. Among his repertoire you will traditional dances like Sorsoner, Soko, Sunu, Djalidon and Djansa.

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