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Joris Feuillatre

Joris Feuillatre is the founder of the internationally renowned Maison du Ngoni. He has been studying African music for more than twenty years and travelled several times to Mali to further his knowledge about the Djembe. He discovered de Kamele Ngoni in 2001 during one of these trips and fell in love with the instrument.

First starting out as an autodidact, his command of the instrument deepened when he met Abou Diarra. He start playing with this master and even accompanied him for a whole year and played many festivals with him. Joris is a very intuitive learner and found that the method that he developed for himself helped many others in learning how to play the Kamele Ngoni.

Not only is he now a very well-known teacher, but he also makes beautiful instruments. He, for instance, made the ngoni that our own Michiel Moerkerk plays.

Joris’eigen website kun je hier vinden.