Tuka Tuka 2015

6, 7 & 8 February 2015


Another anniversary, how time flies! It feel like we are just getting started. Anyway, 15 years Tuka Tuka. Am I growing old? If so, this weekend gave me so much energy that it will probably last me for another 15 years.

Of course we did our utmost to make it into a special weekend. Babara Bangoura, PaPa GoNi, new faces to enhance the party atmosphere of our nowadays tried and tested weekend. New dimension to the 15th Tuka Tuka weekend: Irish guests. You read it correctly, this year some of our guests came all the way from over the seas. We felt honoured and did our best to make them feel welcome. I think we managed…

Long story short, below you find our Tuka Tuka 2015 photo album.  If you happen to have photos and/or films that we can post here, please let me know.