Tuka Tuka Weekend 2022 on Hold

Dear all,
Due to recent developments, we’ve decided to put Tuka-Tuka weekend 2022 on hold for now. The current situation and regulations force us to exclude people for choices which are their constitutional right and we don’t want any part of that. You just don’t treat your fellow human beings that way and certainly not your Tuka family. Also, the government behaves in such an unpredictable manner that, at the moment, it’s unjustifiable for us to invest in our lovely weekend in any way.
That doesn’t mean that there definitely won’t be a Tuka 2022. We remain hopeful that we can come together in some way or form. So, don’t make any plans for the first weekend of February… Please note: so not the 2nd weekend as was communicated earlier. We had moved the weekend cos our usual location had accidentally double booked our usual weekend. But now we can just go back to our usual data: the first whole weekend of February.
Hopefully we can present you with a brilliant programme a few weeks beforehand. How and what, we don’t know at the moment, but rest assured that – if we go ahead – it will be musical, entertaining and inclusive as usual. So do check in on our website and social media channels every now and then. Till then we wish you all health, happiness and strength and don’t forget to keep looking after each other.
Love, your Tuka team

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